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Top 10 expected IELTS Cue Cards 2021 speaking topics

Top 10 expected IELTS Cue Cards 2021 speaking topics

To make it easy for IELTS students, particularly in IELTS Speaking section, we will mention the top 10 expected IELTS Speaking cue cards 2021.

IELTS Speaking cue card is the second part in the speaking module where you will be given a card containing a topic with some questions and the examiner will give you 1 minute to prepare your answer.

These cue cards usually change every 4 months, and in this article, we will mention the most expected cue cards to appear in ielts exam in 2021:

1. Describe your first day at school.

You should say:

1- Where it was?

2- What happened?

3- Explain how you felt on that day?

2. Describe an aquatic animal.

You should say:

1. What it looks like?

2. When you saw it?

3. Where you saw it?

4. Explain why it is interesting?

3. Describe an art exhibition that you visited.

You should say:

1. When you saw this exhibition?

2. Where the exhibition was held?

3. What was on display?

4. and explain your impression of the exhibition?

4. Describe a time you made a promise to someone.

You should say:

1. Whom did you make the promise to?

2. What the promise was?

3. Why you made the promise?

4. Was the promise easy to achieve?

5. Describe a tradition in your country.

You should say:

1. What it is?

2. Who takes part in it?

3. What activities there are?

4. And explain how you feel about it?

6. Talk about a time when you gave advice to someone.

You should say:

1. Who you gave advice to?

2. What the advice was?

3. Why you give the advice?

4. And how you feel about the advice?

7. Describe a time when your computer broke down.

You should say:

1. When it was?

2. What you were doing?

3. What did you do about it?

4. And how you felt about it?

8. Describe your favourite weather.

You should say:

1. What kind of weather it is?

2. When this weather usually occurs?

3. What do you usually do during this weather?

4. Explain how this weather affects you?

5. And explain why you like this type of weather?

9. Describe an unforgettable bike(bicycle) trip.

You should say:

1. When it was?

2. Where did you go?

3. What happened during the trip?

4. How did you feel about it?

10. Describe a place (person/home) you like to visit but you don’t want to live there.

You should say:

1. What place is it?

2. When do you visit that place?

3. How you feel about it?

4. Why don't you want to live there?

These are the most 10 important IELTS Speaking cue cards 2021 topics.

For each cue card, you have a main topic with three to five questions, and you will have one minute to prepare your answer. After that, you need to continuously speak on this topic for two minutes.

Important IELTS Vocabulary to use in IELTS Cue Card

There are some phrases and vocabularies to use when answering the IELTS Speaking exam.

You can say in the opening part some vocabulary as:

o I am going to tell you about…

o I have decided to talk about…

o I’d like to begin by highlighting the fact…

o The first thing I’d like to mention is…

o The main thing you need to know is…

o I would like to talk about…

And you can finish your cue card by the one of the following words:

o That is why I feel that..

o Finally, I’d like to discuss…

o Finally, when I look back at my decision now..

o I am glad I made the decision I did.

There are more IELTS vocabulary pdf books that will help you in your IELTS test preparation, you can search Google website for it.

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